Headed by Adam Marshall (pictured above), the New Kanada imprint has issued notable releases from Basic Soul Unit, The Mole, XI, DIVA, and Graze (the collaboration between XI and Marshall) over the years, while also serving as a home for the label head’s own productions. Now, New Kanada is preparing to release its 50th record later this month, a two-track 12″ that will find Marshall sharing some wax with newcomer Crushfield. The forthcoming “Jasper” b/w “Throwing Shade” record comes with some characteristically cryptic press materials, which discusses the practice of “thermo acoustics” as “the area of sound that seeks to reconcile the laws of sinuous audio strands with the existence of black hole event horizons.” It goes on to state that “the effort to understand the statistical mechanics of bass has had a deep impact upon the understanding of the holographic principle, leading to the formulation of these tracks.”

With that in mind, it’s hard to say exactly what Marshall’s and Crushfield’s split 12″ will sound like, but given the label’s track record, it seems safe to expect some strong-armed sonics and cold atmospheres will be involved. “Jasper” b/w “Throwing Shade” is set to drop on April 29; in the meantime, the artwork and tracklist for New Kanada’s 50th release are included below.

A1 Adam Marshall “Jasper” ­
B1 Crushfield “Throwing Shade” ­