The Presets’Apocalypso is basking in the warm welcome it received upon hitting record stores, so now it’s time for Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes to unleash a few remixes. The Australia-based duo’s This Boy’s In Love EP features the title track along with reworkings from the likes of Finnish DJ/producer Jori Hulkkonen, Florian Senfter ‘s Zombie Nation project, electro producer Lifelike, and techno godfather Kevin Saunderson. Moyes himself has also done a new version of the track.

Two different copies of the digital-only EP are currently available. The iTunes exclusive version features remixes by all the aforementioned artists, while the regular release contains the title track and Lifelike and Hulkkonen remixes.

Meanwhile, those who still DJ sans Serato can pick up a vinyl version of Apocalypto on July 29.