Sure, you love The Klaxons, with their spastic dance/rock and blindingly bright hoodies reminiscent of days when parties were thrown in fields and people actually danced to music. Yet the debate over the worth of the so-called new rave scene is already in full swing. Only a few weeks old, the term is fielding comments that evoke either love or hate and no middle ground to speak of, which is a strange phenomenon in this day and age. recently published an article on the highlights of the genre, speaking, more or less, through the mouthpiece of Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy. “New rave will save me,” he tells the website, and adds that he likes the idea of “going to a gig and getting a few glowsticks out.” How he’ll be saved is unclear, but Bellamy seems very confident about this.

A recent posting at sang a different tune, one that doesn’t need much interpreting:

“The phrase has only been in use for weeks, yet we’ve heard more than enough citations of “new rave” to start going nuts…”

“It kind of reminds us of the grunge-fashion era, although in that instance, at least there was more than one band to base the genre around…”

You tell us. Will new rave “save you,” as Bellamy (and probably a lot of other individuals) claims, or do often feel the urge to “Choke ‘New Rave’ With A Glowstick?”

The Klaxons: Technicolor saviors of the new millennium?

Muse: Hopefully new rave can save their sense of dress.