New York-based skateboard company Zoo York begins the fall season with two new skate deck lines. As expected, the Makeset and Broken Windows series follow the company practice of making New York City-centric products, but instead of enlisting graffiti dons, Zoo York enlisted the commercial skills of two sets of graphic artists.

The Makeset series finds the Brooklyn-based duo of Mike Perry and Damien Correll doing a playful take on some of New York’s iconic landmarks and pieces of architecture, including Coney Island, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Chrysler building. It’s rare you’ll see a technicolor version of the Manhattan skyline turn up on a skateboard, but Perry and Correll pull it off here.

For those who prefer the darker, grittier side of the city, check the Broken Windows series, created by Zoo York’s in-house design crew. The series’ inspiration comes from a theory of the same name that once strategized how to eliminate petty crime in urban neighborhoods. Appropriately, the design features guerilla-style typography, and those who get the full set of six will see how the graphics of one board bleed onto the next, forming a complete picture.

Both series are available at authorized Zoo York retailers in late September.