While this isn’t exactly shocking, Berlin’s always-churning techno scene is cooking up some potentially pleasing listens for spring release. Two of the most exciting options include a new album from Hrdvsion on Wagon Repair, available May 15, and another from Pier Bucci, coming April 19 on his own label, Maruca. Where Did You Just Go? is the new full-length from Nathan Jonson, who, under his Hrdvsion moniker, fills his forthcoming record with his attempts to mix hard-hitting, glitchy techno productions with the subtler side of electronic music. The album is the culmination of Jonson combing through tons of unreleased songs and ideas after his 2009 move to Berlin. “It was like this collaboration between the old me and the new me,” said Nathan on the process of making Where Did You Just Go?.

Earlier in the season comes Pier Bucci’s Amigo. The Chilean-born producer follows up his release for Crosstown Rebels, Familia, with a sophomore release that, although recorded in Berlin, is deeply rooted in the sounds of Latin America, and utilizes the vocal talents of Armelle Pioline (from Parisian band Holden) along with fellow Chileans Washingtone Miranda and Jorge Gonzales. Amigo is set to stand as a new direction for Bucci, as the artist aims to convey specific feelings and evoke certain memories in his listeners instead of simply making them dance. Though, we’re sure it’ll do that too. Check out each album’s artwork and tracklists below.

Where Did You Just Go? tracklist:
01 Orange Juice
02 842 Colours
03 Captivated Heart
04 Betrayed
05 City Girls
06 Bonker Brainss
07 Closed Eyes
08 Making It Home
09 Kiss Yesterday Goodbye
10 Cause I Love You
11 Own Risk (tt mix)
12 Claustraneonia
13 Summer’s Beds
14 Home
15 Before Than After
16 Amsterdam at 4:47
17 I Wish I Could Directly Effect

Amigo tracklist:
01 La Cortina De Hierro y El Pajaro Cantor
02 Canto Libre
03 Papa Guede
04 Cuando
05 Eternelle
06 Verte Tan
07 Iskrenne
08 Wayna Wasi
09 La Payaya
10 For Free