Juno Plus has reported that Jochem Peteri (a.k.a. Newworldaquarium or Ross 154) is prepping a series of represses to be released next month, as well as the revival of his Ape label.

Dutch producer Peteri has been a cult favorite since he began releasing house and techno records in the early ‘90s, via the likes of Delsin, Eevo Lute Muzique and his own Ape imprint. In recent years he has kept fairly quiet, only releasing a couple of tracks via a Rush Hour compilation, and Ryan Elliott’s Panorama Bar mix, though he has resurfaced now to facilitate a series of represses.

First up is a reissue of the house classic Trespassers via Ape(originally on Delsin), which will be joined by new versions of the Ross 154 record on M>O>S Recordings, as well as Aroy Dee’s Kiss EP from 2003. In a Facebook post, Peteri has also alluded to the fact that more are on the way, including album reissues. 

The records are scheduled for release on May 30. Pre-order them at Juno.