LA’s Nguzunguzu kept themselves rather busy in 2009—between production work for Maluca, remixing Buraka Som Sistema, palling around with XLR8RArtist to WatchKingdom, and hosting their insane Tuesday night weekly, Wildness, you could forgive Daniel Pineda and Asma Maroof if they decided to take it easy this holiday season. Yet the global-bass-loving pair have decided to keep their frantic schedule rolling; they’re currently in Mexico City doing some DJ gigs, and later this month they’ll be releasing a self-titled EP on their own label, Shade Business.

To commemorate their Mexico trip and new EP, they’ve put together a stellar new mix of UK funky, tribal guarachero, and other bass-loaded sounds from around the globe. The mix also includes a few selections from the new EP. Download it here and peep the tracklist below.

01 Sticky “Jumeirah Riddim”
02 Sticky “Jumeirah Riddim Sequel”
03 Footsteps “Baby Kinta”
04 Rishi Romero “African Forest (Original Mix)”
05 Makency DJ “Wao”
06 DJ Eridson “Hino Batucada”
07 Nguzunguzu “El Bebe Ambiente”
08 Debo “Helter Skelter”
09 DJ Pesado and DJ Fofuxo “Sirene”
10 Puto X feat. Maskarado “Quen E Que Mana Ai MP”
11 Nguzunguzu “What Dance?”
12 Baobina and I.D. “Mandown”
13 DJ Boda “Tááá BááTÖÖÖrr R”
14 Bok Bok “Whole World Changing 4X4”
15 DJ Pesado and DJ Marfox “Gerentologia”
16 DJ Corlando “Passa Passa (Kingdom Remix)
17 DJ Du Marcel “Tribal Sound”
18 DJ MA1 “I’m Right Here feat. Sophia”
19 Nguzunguzu “Got You”
20 Mike V “Feelings”
21 Basement Jaxx “Flylife”