On October 11, Belgian label Silverback will release a new EP from LA’s hyperactive world-bass duo Nguzunguzu, called Mirage. Before that new batch of tunes drops, you can catch four of its five songs on this excellent mixtape the DJ/producers made to mark the occasion. Silverback Rec. Mixtape 003: Nguzunguzu, which you can download here, features 22 songs of club-friendly dance music spanning 42 minutes, and includes tracks from the likes of Kingdom, Brenmar, Teengirl Fantasy, Cooly G, Lil Silva, and The-Dream, among many others. We’ve embedded the player for that mix, along with the cover art and tracklist for Nuguzunguzu’s Mirage EP, below.

1. Mirage
2. Recloose
3. Spittin’ N Riddim
4. Strut
5. Unfold

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