Kohei Matsunaga (a.k.a NHK yx Koyxen) is set to debut on DFA with Exit Entrance.

Kohei has been making and releasing music since 1997 and has recorded for such iconic labels as Mille Plateaux, Important, PAN, and Diagonal. His latest recordings explore intricate drum programming, lush melodies, and sparkling arrangements.

Exit Entrance is a collection of new songs that “snap and flicker unlike anything Kohei has done in the past,” the label explains. Not all the music here falls into the same exact formula. As the album heads towards a close, after several tracks of harmonious beauty, we get “Outset (for Mika Vainio),” a somber hushed techno tune, dedicated to his late friend and musical collaborator, who unexpectedly passed away earlier this year as the record was being completed. “It is one of the most direct and honest records Kohei has ever made,” the label adds.


01. Meeting
02. Finding
03. Intention
04. Dignity
05. Notice
06. Mutually
07. Outset (for Mika Vainio)

Exit Entrance LP is scheduled for October 6 release, with “Meeting” streaming above.