NHK yx Koyxen, real name Kohei Matsunaga, will release a new EP via Zurich-based experimental label -OUS.

Combining a career as a celebrated architect and illustrator in Japan with a 20-year career as a musician, he’s a prolific producer who boats a steady stream of solo releases and numerous collaborations with the likes of Sean Booth from Autechre, Conrad Schnitzler, and Sensation from the Jungle Brothers.

Having recently released an LP on DFA, he’s now set to drop his Parallel Tempo EP for -OUS. We’re told to expect “guttural acid,” with “intricate percussive elements” over the course of nine minutes.

Parallel Tempo EP will be the Japanese artist’s first release on -OUS, and follows releases on Mille Plateaux, PAN, and Diagonal, to name a few.


A1. Parallel Displacement
A2. Blue and Purple Horses
B1. M
B2. Strange Gesture
B3. Universal Gesture

Parallel Tempo EP will land on February 23.