New York-based musician/producer/DJ and the man behind XLR8R‘s bygone advice column, Hi, Doctor Nick!, Nick Hook has revealed the upcoming Collage V.1 EP, a four-track record featuring the likes of Egyptian Lover, DJ Sliink, and more, which will be accompanied by a web series chronicling the nature of the artist’s collaborations. The result of a partnership between Serato, Ninja Tune, and Hook, the Collage V.1 EP will see a a 2×12 vinyl release as part of the Serato Pressing project on December 17, with Ninja Tune set to offer an extended digital version of the EP as well.

In the meantime, Hook has launched a new web documentary series, I Wish I Could be in the NBA, to coincide with the release. A four-part series, the short films will give some insight into the collaborative production process behind Collage V.1. Featuring Egyptian Lover, the series’ first episode can be watched below where the resulting track from the two (with the assistance of synth specialist Brian Ellis) can also be streamed.

1. J.A.M.I.T (feat. Egyptian Lover)
2. Going Back 2 (feat. Bodega Bamz, Crystal Cains, DJ Sliink, Nadus)
3. Jaco (feat. Kilo Kish)
4. Wurly (feat. Bernie Worrell)