Nick Höppner is set to announce a new EP on Ostgut Ton, following on from last year’s Folk album and a split release with Fort Romeau (via Cin Cin).

The Fantastic Planet EP sees him collaborating with Japanese DJ and producer Gonno on three bouncy, club-enabled tracks, steeped in early ’90s house and UK electronica vibes.

The story behind the collaboration goes like this: Höppner met Sunao Gonno on his first travels to Tokyo in 2008 where they clicked immediately. Having connected over their similar musical upbringings—both having shifted from post hardcore to club music—Gonno visited Höppner’s studio during a trip to Berlin for his DJ debut at Panorama Bar. Despite the limited time together, all three pieces evolved from initial jams and sketches to tidied up tracks.

Tracklisting 12” / Digital:

A. Spocking Fivers
B1. Fantastic Planet
B2. As Above, So Below

In advance of the EP’s July 8 release via Ostgut Ton, snippets are available to stream below.