Although its electronic music scene has been bubbling under for years with Nortec Collective, Murcof, Static Discos, and others, anyone who has been to Mexico lately knows that the nation stands alongside any other when it comes to dope producers. Now, Spanish label Love Monk has upped the ante with its new remix EP from Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido (a.k.a. Mexican Institute Of Sound, for you pinche gringos!).

Instituto is the work of Mexico City’s Camilo Lara, whose new album, Piñata, showcases his excellent global beat blends and incorporates his country’s banda, mariachi, and norteño music with funk, hip-hop, and electronica. For the new EP, El Micrófono/Para No Vivir Desesperado, Love Monk recruited superb remixers, including N.Y.’s Nickodemus, the U.K.’s Diesler, and Mexico’s NSM/PSM, all of whom offer hip-hop to uptempo mixes, throwing in Afrobeat percussion, fractured glitch elements, and sick beats along the way.

The EP’s five tracks are like a party in a box, ranging from NSM/PSM’s rebel hip-hop beats through Nickodemus’s surefire Afro-influenced mid-tempo beats and Diesler’s thrilling uptempo/broken vibes. Throw this single on and no one will be even thinking about taking a siesta.

A1. El Micrófono (Nickodemus Remix)
A2. Para No Vivir Desesperados (NSMPSM Remix)
A3. El Micrófono
AA1. Para No Vivir Desesperado
AA2. Para No Vivir Desesperado (Diesler remix)