Nico Walser has shared a  neo-classical album as Giant Skeletons, titled Guide to the Sunken Citadel, out now via Bandcamp.

Walser, real name Norbert Walser, is a musician, composer, producer, mix engineer, and artist coach, born in Germany in 1965. With his band Weltempfänger, he gained success in Germany before releasing two trip-hop albums as Code Blue. He’s also composed and played music for radio dramas, short movies, and stage shows; while today he fills much of his time mixing and producing for other artists and bands.

His most recent release landed last week, titled Guide to the Sunken Citadel under his Giant Skeletons alias. The six-track effort is a follow-on from April’s Ghosts of Forsaken Ships LP, the first part of a trilogy titled “music of water, wood & bones.” 

All six tracks sit within the realms of instrumental electronica, neo-classical, and ambient.


01.frozen robotina

02. alluvial land 

03. giant skeletons

04. guide to the sunken citadel

05. the enemy below

06.the deconstruction of time

Guide to the Sunken Citadel LP is out now to buy and stream via Bandcamp, with some earlier Giant Skeletons work streaming below.