Nicola Kazimir will release his debut solo album in August, titled Post-Heretic Dracula X Chronicles.

We’re told to expect “30 minutes full of diverse, rough, evil, melancholic electronic music compositions either partly sampled out of important melodies in his life or fully produced by him.” The album draws from contemporary and past cultural references evolving around institutional-critique, occultism and dividualism, and manifests those via meta tags or sonic compositions.

Kazimir is a part of the collective Les Points based in Zürich, Switzerland. 
His art/music draws from ’90s rave utopias, decentralized and dividual thought, institutional-critique, occultism, and progressive and accessible frameworks as showcased at the collective’s Mikro space, a physical room open 24/7 making it available to all social layers. 
His record label Les Points appropriates these ideas and transfers them to the distribution channels of electronic music.
 Kazimir, he says, refuses genre-stigmas and Post-Heretic Dracula X Chronicles is described as an example of that diversity.

The album is pressed onto one single record to “make it more intense and not dragged out too long.” It will be Les Points’ 12th release.

Tracklisting LP: 

A1. The Witches You Weren’t Able To Burn

A2. X6 (Dividual Walkthrough)

A3. Continuously Growling Underground-Myths 

A4. Vampire (Capitalist-Accumulation) Killer Theme

A5. 666 luoS = 1 Btc (Pump Dump Trade Burn) 

B1. X Chants

B2. Dungeon Of Shadows

B3. Angel Of Light Saturday Appropriation Acid Mix 

B4. The Well Of Post-Terminology 

B5. Super Sad But True Labour-Story

Tracklist Digital:

01. The Witches You Weren’t Able To Burn

02. X6 (Dividual Walkthrough)

03. Continuously Growling Underground-Myths 

04. Vampire (Capitalist-Accumulation) Killer Theme

05. 666 luoS = 1 Btc (Pump Dump Trade Burn) 

06. X Chants

07. Dungeon Of Shadows

08. The Well Of Post-Terminology 

09. Angel Of Light Saturday Appropriation Acid Mix 

10. Super Sad But True Labour-Story

11. Digital Bonus IIII

Studio Gear Used:

Yamaha DX7IIFD

Roland TR-909

Roland TR-808

Roland TR-606 Drumatix

Roland Juno-60

Roland System 100 Model 101

Roland TB-303 Bass Line

Roland SBF-323 Stereo Flanger

Mackie 32/08/02 Mixing Console

Universal Audio – Apollo 16 

2x E-RM Multiclock

Logic Pro X

Sugarbytes Looperator VST

Sugarbytes Thesys VST

Valhalla Freq Echo VST

Univeral Audio Oxide Tape VST

Samples Used:

A1. The Occult Experience

A2. Kazuhiko Uehara “Character Select” (TMNT)

A4. Tomoya Tomita, Masanari Iwata, Harumi Ueko, Masahiko Kimura – Vampire Killer

B1. The Occult Experience

B2. Konji Kondo “Dungeons Of Shadows”

B4. Konji Kondo “Ancient Ruins, The Occult Experience”

Post-Heretic Dracula X Chronicles LP will arrive on August 24, with a full stream available below.