New York’s twenty-year-old techno/house prodigy (and recent Bubblin’ featuree), Nicolas Jaar, has officially announced the release of his debut LP, Space Is Only Noise. Jaar’s mix of the melancholy, the percussive, the melodic, and the danceable has had us intrigued ever since the 2008 release, The Student EP, and his consistent output of tracks and remixes for the past few years have only served to build up the anticipation for his debut long-player. Space Is Only Noise is slated for release February 14 of next year on the Circus Company imprint. Give a listen to his excellent remix of Azari and III‘s “Into the Night” that we posted last week, and check out the artwork and tracklist below.

01. Etre
02. Colomb
03. Sunflower
04. Too Many Kids Finding Rain in the Sand
05. Keep Me There
06. I Got A Woman
07. Problems with the Sun
08. Space is Only Noise if You Can See
09. Specters of the Future
10. Almost Fell
11. Balance Her In Between Your Eyes
12. Trace
13. Variations
14. ^tre