Other People and Printed Matter will put out a book by Nicolas Jaar.

Network was inspired by Jaar’s recent online radio project: an “online, semi-fictitious network of interlocking radio stations built around chance operations.” The stations were built around 20 hours of mixes by Jaar, as well as music from his recent LP Sirens, though the remaining content is “constructed “fakes”, conceptual audio works created with the help of voice actors.”

The forthcoming book is made up of three key threads—visual essays (by iconic musician Lydia Lunch, designer Linda van Deursen and Jaar himself), poster artwork for each of the 111 stations, and “loose transcriptions” from each radio program. The thrust of the work in its entirety is to give “theoretical consideration to the inherent political possibilities of radio broadcast.”

Network will be available to purchase at the LA Art Book Fair, taking place February 23 – 26. Alternatively, you can pre-order it at Printed Matter, with an expected shipping date of March 23.