Nicolas Jaar has announced the launch of his own online radio network.

Details of the new project emerged yesterday, which comes in lieu of Other People‘s former monthly subscription service (a facility that sent out new music every Sunday for ten dollars a month). The decision was in part a financial one, and in part due to his touring schedule, which would not allow enough time to manage the weekly send-out. Instead, the imprint will be focussing its attentions on a smaller batch of releases throughout the next year.

The new website requires users to pick a channel between zero and 333, though only multiples of three will be accepted, with any other numbers being rounded up or down automatically; each resulting station has its own unique artwork and streams noise, electronic and experimental music. Jaar himself recommends starting with channels 324, 195, 108, 243, 225, 33, and finishing up with 333.

The launch of the radio service comes hot on the heels of news of a potential new album, teased by the enigmatic New York-based musician. He made this statement, addressed to fans of his Other People imprint:

Dear Opies,

First, I want to thank you for your amazing support over the past 3 years, you have allowed us to experiment and grow.

But most importantly, you’ve sustained a space for dozens of young artists from all over the world to begin or continue their paths.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

As some of you may have noticed, we have stopped our monthly subscription.

There are two reasons behind this decision. First of all, I will be playing live again and unable to be fully present on a week to week basis. But it’s also a financial decision: every release was a labour of love, and I took up DJing the last couple of years in part to finance the label.

We will now concentrate on a much smaller batch of yearly releases starting in 2017.

Until then, the site will mutate into (Chrome preferred)

I will let you guys discover what this is on your own but all I’ll say is that channels 324, 195, 108, 243, 225, 33 would be good places to start..

And channel 333 will be a good place to end. 🙂

Okay that’s all, see you on the road.