Nicolas Jaar’s Other People will present a new solo record from guitar and live custom electronics artist Patrick Higgins, an American avant-garde composer and producer from New York City. Higgins is known for his work in experimental and contemporary classical music, playing guitar, and composing in the ensemble Zs.

We’re told that Dossier is a solo record of guitar and live custom electronics, all original programming, and live sampling using MIDI triggers mapped to the guitar. It’s described as “a four-movement work of dark intense material all performed live without overdubs or edits,” developed over a two-year period and premiered during a European concert tour across 10 countries in November 2016.

The record is both an engagement with contemporary electronic music and yet is entirely performed—transforming the guitar into an instrument and a controller, “where the performer is swallowed by processes that result from the playing and at the same time envelop it.” All of the samples and synthetic patches were custom built and specifically engaged to become elements of live guitar manipulation. The sound world is “post-apocalyptic in style but builds to a very intimate and introspective emotional finish,” the label explains.

Other People was founded in 2013 by Jaar. It has featured work by Lucrecia Dalt, Vaghe Stelle, William Basinski, Lydia Lunch , A.A.L, Nico Jaar, DJ Slugo, Valentin Stip, Ezekiel Honig, Solpara, Ancient Astronaut, Vtgnike, John Wall, and others. This is the second release of 2018, following Against All Logic’s (a Jaar alias)‎ 2012-2017.

The cover art is by Alfredo Jaar.


01. Flat File
02. Pitch Black
03. [[ redact__ion ]]
04. White Lie

Dossier LP will land on June 1, with a video of Higgins performing an album cut streaming above.