Nicolas Jaar’s Other People will release a new LP from Vtgnike, titled Steals

Vtgnike, real name Danil Avramov, a Russian artist, is resident of Moscow’s NII club. He started actively making music in 2010, and, after releasing a couple of EPs under different monikers, began working as Vtgnike.  He released the Dubna LP other Other People in 2014, and then ended up in jail, we’re told, for drug-related charges, and has since got back into music production. 

“In producing I’ve been switching music genres all my life. Electronic music has that flow in it, doesn’t need to be glued to any specific range of bpm, etc,” he says. 

Nicolas Jaar launched Other People in 2013, and has appeared on the label several times. Other releases have come from Patrick Higgins, Dave Harrington, A Pleasure, Valentin Stip, among others. 


01. Vechermix

02. Sentimental Geometry 

03. Sweep

04. Sausemix

05. VVK

06. Nervnii RnB

07. Can’t Tell

08. Slowshit

09. Primechord

Steals LP lands on February 22, with “VVK” streaming below.