Nicolas Jaar has announced plans to celebrate the 100th issue of his Other People imprint with a collaborative effort amongst some of its favorite artists aptly titled “Other People’s Imaginary Feast.”

“We asked our favorite artists to send in a short percussive sound. Then, these sounds were given to four drummers who played them using our friend Tlacael’s new invention” the project’s description reads. This invention by Nicolas Jaar longtime collaborator, Tlacael Esparza, is called Sensory Percussion and is what is being used to control the different sounds in the video. In effect, this new technology enables drummers to easily control an unlimited array of electronic samples, synths and audio effects with any acoustic drum kit.

David Harrington, Powell and Dj Slugo are amongst the artists who participated in this collective project.

The piece features additional arrangement and processing by Nicolas Jaar.

You can watch a preview below or find it in its entirety here.

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