LA Timpa has shared Modern Antics In A Deserted Place, a surprise new album on Halcyon Veil.

Modern Antics In A Deserted Place is the Nigerian-born, Toronto-raised songwriter’s first album since 2019’s Equal Amounts Afraid on O___o?, and it arrives in the same deconstructed dream pop aesthetic.

Across nine tracks, LA Timpa, real name Christopher Soetan, works with dreamy collages, haunting vocals, and textured ambient. He began writing the release in early 2018, right after moving to London.

“If Equal Amounts Afraid, my first album, was one tortured in doubt and uncertainty within my being, Modern Antics In a Deserted Place is freedom living in assured pain, coming to grips with the reality of my being and actions,” Soetan explains.

Alongside the release, Soetan has shared videos for album tracks “Quarterback” and “Pomisea,” both streaming below.


01. Quarterback
02. Deaf In Three Corners
03. Pomisea
04. Common
05. Master
06. Wicked
07. Best Friend
08. Spin (Trade)
09. Outro (Tongue Tear Drum)

Modern Antics In a Deserted Place LP is available now on Halcyon Veil. You can stream the release via the Bandcamp player below.