London’s Night Slugs camp has been busy today, as it not only announced a major expansion of its Club Constructions series, but also elected to share a stream of a new tune from label co-founder Bok Bok.

First launched in 2012, Night Slugs’ Club Constructions series has focused on raw, stripped-down productions that are squarely focused on the dancefloor. To date, six editions have released, including offerings from L-Vis 1990, Jam City, Lil Silva, and Helix. (The series was also responsible for Baltimore club anthem “Bring in the Catz,” which we named as one of the Best Tracks of 2012.) To this point, the series has been, in the label’s own words, “something of a closed circle,” but now, the Night Slugs braintrust has elected to open things up with Club Constructions Community.

Making it clear that this is “not a contest or a PR stunt,” Night Slugs claims that “club music is our foundation” and that the imprint simply wants to “start a structured dialog, encourage and support new talent, connect with like-minded producers, and cultivate a platform for this emerging sound.” To assist interested producers in the effort, the label has posted the Club Constructions “manifesto,” a series of aesthetic guidelines that is “not be taken as dogma.” Rather, “it’s more a set of directions towards a certain feel and a framework for curating ideas.” After digesting this information and making some potential contributions—artists are advised to take their time—producers can submit tunes via the Club Constructions Community website.

In other Night Slugs happenings, Bok Bok has followed the recent announcement of his forthcoming new EP, Your Charizmatic Self, by unveiling a stream of another one of its tracks. He shared EP cut “Howard” last week, and now, “Da Foxtrot” can be heard over at FADER. Your Charizmatic Self will be released on May 26 via Night Slugs.