At the risk of total Night Slugs overload today, here is another announcement of an exciting record the UK bass hub will soon drop, Girl Unit‘s third EP. Club Rez is a six-track release that is set to arrive on May 7, roughly two years after the producer’s massive I.R.L. and Wut EPs. The music is purportedly Girl Unit’s “most advanced material yet,” and has been described by the label as “transcendental club tracks.” But if that’s not exciting enough, you can take a look at Club Rez‘s super-sleek artwork—a collaboration between artist Sina Taherkhani, designer Alex Sushon (a.k.a. Night Slugs co-owner Bok Bok), and the artist himself—up top and the tracklist below. (via Juno)

1. Ensemble
2. Cake Boss
3. Plaza
4. Double Take
5. Rezday
6. Club Rez