Nightmares On Wax, real name George Evelyn, is celebrating 25 years of Smokers Delight with a short film directed by Jamie Whitby.

Available to stream below, the film is inspired by one of Evelyn’s dreams, and it follows Tiger, a friendly neighbourhood stoner happily stuck in a comfortable wake-and-bake routine. After he discovers that he may have unknowingly stepped through the doors of perception, he is forced to detective his way back to reality.

Warp has also released Sonic Buds, a 12″ of Evelyn’s new music inspired by the film. The release includes new tracks “Let’s Ascend” and “Aquaself” alongside an alternative funk mix of “Dreddoverboard” and the timeless “Nights Introlude,” recorded live at Concord Music Hall in Chicago in 2014.

Smokers Delight album was one of a handful of records to define a generation along with Massive Attack’s Blue Lines, Portishead’s Dummy, and Tricky’s Maxinquaye. It took Evelyn from his genre-blending debut, 1991’s A Word of Science, into releasing his downbeat blend of soul, hip-hop, and dub, for which he has become renowned.

Tracklisting, Sonic Buds

01. Aquaself
02. Let’s Ascend
03. Dreddoverboard (Funk Mix)
04. Nights Introlude (Live In Chicago)

Sonic Buds EP is available now on Warp Records, with order here.