Known as one of electronic music’s innovators in the 90’s, George Evelyn, aka Nightmares On Wax looks to his real musical roots and influences on his latest release, and they’re definitely different from albums like Smokers Delight and A Word Of Science. Moving away from the techno-edged sound he is so known for, this compilation is a sampling of some of the dub, hip-hop, funk, and soul that’s made Evelyn’s creative brain tick and helped fashion his own take on electronic music.

My Definition is out October 17, 2006 on Apace Music.


1. Ben Horn “Case”
2. Blade “Lyrical Maniac”
3. Camp Lo “Black Nosaljack aka Come On”
4. Cappo “Learn To Be Strong” (QSO Mix)
5. The Crusaders “Don’t Let It Get You Down
6. Keith Mansfield “Morning Broadway”
7. Leisure Allstars “Get Your Hands In The Air”
8. Nextmen “Piece Of The Pie”
9. Paris “I Choose You”
10. Tom Browne “Thighs High”
11. Tona “Fuzki Wola Optymistow”
12. Billy Wright “Summer Love” (Beyond There Remix)
13. Black Grass “Going Home”
14. The Equals “Funky Like A Train”
15. Pablo “Roll Call”
16. Absci “See That” Feat. Mr. Lif
17. Das EFX “They Want EFX”
18. Loose Ends “Johnny Broadhead”