Nightports have shared a new video exploring the desolate beauty of the moors in West Yorkshire, England.

The video is set to the opening track from Nightports w/Matthew Bourne, a nine-track collaborative LP which finds Nightports’ Adam Martin and Mark Slater teaming up with pianist Matthew Bourne. The Nightports project is based on a simple rule of restriction: only sounds produced by the featured musician can be used. The sounds are then transformed, processed, edited, and arranged without limitation, resulting in a complex sonic tapestry that seamlessly weaves the source material with manipulated counterparts.

The film, which was produced by Process Moving Image, moves through an array of hypnotic images of the moors in West Yorkshire, perfectly complimenting the emotive sounds of Nightports and Matthew Bourne.

You can watch the film in full via the player above, with the album available here.