The Nightshifters label, the unholy but lovable brainchild of Jason Forrest (a.k.a. DJ Donna Summer) and New York’s Jubilee, brings some crazy heat with their 10th release, due September 8. Well within the realm of the label’s “insanity club music,” Udachi and Jubilee collaborate to bring you “Paypur/Smoke Rings,” with Udachi’s trademark ripsaw basslines blurting all over the place. Almost an album’s worth of remixes are here as well from an all-star line-up, including Cardopusher, Grahmzilla (of Thunderheist), Dre Skull, Luna C (the founder of Kniteforce!), and Nick Catchdubs. It’s sometimes hard to know where this stuff will get played outside of New York, but god bless Nightshifters for pushing it out there. Check the MP3 here.

pictured Jubilee