Dome of Doom‘s Rah Zen will soon release The Beat Will Always Save Us Vol. 1, a 35-track compilation of artists that have played the Nightworks events, aiming to showcase the raw talent that has made the project one of the most celebrated among fans of hip-hop and electronic fans in Boston. 

Having released his debut album, Midnight Satori, on Dome of Doom last year, Rah Zen launched a series of monthly shows that featured headliners such as Jeremiah Jae, Dibia$e, and Elaquent. As Rah Zen states, “It started in the aftermath of an incredibly vibrant Midnight Satori release party (the prototype formula for the show) because everyone was asking me when the next beat show was. It was a bit over two months before I left on the road for LA, but I knew I wanted to make it happen, so I assembled the squad, booked the lineup, and the gave it the name Nightworks, an ode and flip on Dilla/Raymond Scott’s Lightworks.

The release aims to commemorate the first anniversary of the collective’s work by featuring artists who have played the Nightworks events.


01. Inspektah “One4Sergio”

02. Brainorchestra. “Visualshit”

03. Wowflower “Super Calm Snake”

04. Kadeem “been here before”

05. Mohdalsoul “Livin ft. Sicwest”

06. Jansport J “white”

07. Foisey “SpiritGlitch.”

08. Rah Zen x Brainorchestra x Foisey “Triangle Offense”


10. EMV “For The Win”

11. DJ Manipulator “PLAYDISATNIGHT”

12. Jonathan Cloud “Life & Death”

13. Billy Loman “Wave Pack x K.O.”

14. Paranom x Rah Zen “Triiiple Focus”

15. Dibia$e “WISDOM”

16. Grubby Pawz “Brain on Drugs”

17. Wowflower “kotocuddle”

18. LDER Fka Hollowz “[e]LDER”

19. Dephrase x Dibia$e “Clear Spirit”

20. Lightfoot “Call You Back”

21. Elaquent “Azure”

22. Won Pound “tall grass”

23. Vinyl Villain “illvibe // whnthelstime”

24. EvillDewer “Transcendental”

25. Ewonee. “Resolution”

26. Jenova 7 “Together”

27. RAYEL “Unconditional”

28. MentPlus “AS THEY SLEEP”

29. Selfserv “Meals On Mars”

30. Selfserv “Delay Parade”

31. Sloe Rise “Stoop Talk”

32. Big Wave feat. Rah Zen “Dopamine”

33. MentPlus “PURP”

34. Won Pound “crossed up”

35. Rah Zen “Amen Rah”

The Beat Will Always Save Us Vol. 1 lands on Dome of Doom across limited edition cassette and digital platforms on December 7. Meanwhile, you can stream the compilation below and check out a recap video of their first performance.