Nils Frahm has announced Encores 2, the second EP to accompany his acclaimed All Melody LP.

The announcement arrived with an official video preview of the EP and the release’s gorgeous first single, “Spells,” a 12-minute ambient epic full of spiraling synth lines and engrossing textures. While the EP’s predecessor, Encores 1, focused on just a solo piano and harmonium, Encores 2 explores more ambient pastures and was recorded through an amplified stone well Frahm found on Mallorca. The idea for the Encores series actually predates All Melody, as Frahm explains:

“The idea behind Encores is one we had from before All Melody; to separate releases each with their own distinct musical style and theme, perhaps even as a triple album. But All Melody became larger than itself and took over any initial concepts. I think the idea of Encores is like musical islands that compliment All Melody.”—Nils Frahm

Ahead of the release, Frahm will play two shows at London’s Hammersmith Apollo on December 4 and 5, followed by a sold-out four night residency at Funkhaus Berlin from December 11 to 14. 

You can pre-order Encores 2 here, with the video preview and first single streaming below.