Nina KravizTrip label will release an EP from the Volruptus.

Volruptus is the alias of Bjargmundur Ingi, a Reykjavík-based techno producer. His one previous release under this name landed in July on Bjarki‘s label, bbbbbb. He also dropped a self-titled digital collection of eight tracks for the Icelandic label Sweaty Records last year.

We’re told to expect an EP that “holds a state-of-the-art lens to classic electro” and exploring its form with the meticulous detail of a true audiophile.”

The record includes what Kraviz calls her “favorite” electro record of 2017.


A1. Hessdalen
A2. Fermi Paradox
A2. We’ll Be Alright
B1. Time Travel
B2. Alien People

Hessdalen is scheduled for October 20 release.