Ninja Tune is busy as ever with a slew of new releases planned for the coming months, including an LP from LA’s eccentric beatmaker, Daedelus (pictured above) and an EP from rising Viennese producer Dorian Concept. Bespoke, Daedelus’ first LP for the label since 2008’s Love to Make Music To, finds the producer employing the voices of a number of collaborators including Bilal, Baths, Inara George (of The Bird and The Bee), and Busdriver, among others. The new LP is also said to include more live instrumentation than most Daedelus efforts, with musicians like Amir Yaghami (a.k.a. Young Dad) contributing guitar for much of the record and Sa Ra’s Om’mas Keith contributing keys to the track “Suit Yourself.” Vienna-based musical prodigy Dorian Concept will see his Ninja Tune EP debut in the form of the four-tracker Her Tears Taste Like Pears. The young producer has seen his stock rise recently, making a name for himself with his unique mix of jazz, electronics, and, at times, club-friendly tendencies by playing with Flying Lotus’ live band and contributing a standout track to Ninja Tune’s 20th-anniversary box set last year. Daedelus’ Bespoke is set to be released April 11 in Europe and April 26 in the States, and Dorian Concept’s Her Tears Taste Like Pears will be available March 28. There’s no artwork for Daedelus’ LP yet, but you’ll find the full tracklist below, along with the artwork and tracklist for Dorian Concept’s forthcoming EP.

Daedelus Bespoke Tracklist:
01. Tailor-Made feat. Milosh
02. Sew, Darn, Mend
03. Penny Loafers feat. Inara George
04. One and Lonely feat. Young Dad
05. Suit Yourself
06. What Can You Do? feat. Busdriver
07. French Cuffs feat. Baths
08. In Tatters feat. Kelela Mizanekristos
09. Slowercase D
10. Overwelmed feat. Bilal
11. Nightcap

Dorian Concept Her Tears Taste Like Pears Tracklist:
01. Her Tears Taste Like Pears
02. My Face Needs Food
03. Toe Games Made Her Giggle
04. Thank You All The Time Forever

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