UMFANG will make her debut on Ninja Tune‘s Technicolour imprint with Symbolic Use Of Light.

UMFANG—who is a co-founder of Brooklyn’s Discwoman crew and resident at Bossa Nova Civic Club’s Technofeminism monthly—has previously shared analog-based rhythmic excursions via videogamemusic, 1080p, Phinery, and Allergy Season.

The album was recorded on a couple of Boss DR 202s in the main, along with an x0xb0x and Korg Volca FM synth for the occasional “alien noise.” Each track was recorded in live takes, with minimal post-production “only for quick corrections.” Nor was the record made with an album narrative in mind; tracks are a mix of old and new, produced in batches distinct to her frame of mind at the time of recording. “My process is really about sitting down and seeing what happens—it becomes a time-capsule of whatever works from that time period,” she explains.


01. Full 1
02. Weight
03. Symbolic Use Of Light
04. Where Is She
05. Path
06. Pop
07. Sweep
08. Wingless Victory
09. Full 2

Symbolic Use Of Light is scheduled for June 16 release, with “Weight” streamable in full below.