Plug Research mainstay Elvin Estela, better known as Nobody, has selected a wide variety of musical styles, everything from hip-hop to psychedelia to indie-electronica, as material for his latest release, a remix compilation titled Revisions Revisions. Revisions the tracks are, in the truest sense of the word, rather than original tracks that have simply had a different beat thrown under them. An artist in his own right, Estela emerged in 2000 with Soulmates and quickly went from being a bedroom producer to a highly sought after artist. He uses this latest release to give a nod towards some of the styles and genres that have influenced his own music.

Revisions Revisions is out October 31, 2006 on Plug Research


1. Ill Suono “A Moment Of Sympathy”
2. Pepe California “Guadalupe”
3. Busdriver “Unemployed Black Astronaut”
4. Her Space Holiday “From South Carolina”
5. Mia Doi Todd “Autumn”
6. The Free Design “Girl’s Alone”
7. The Postal Service “Be Still My Heart”
8. Clearlake “Good Clean Fun”
9. Build An Ark “Always There” (With Sach)
10. Clue To Kalo “When Tommy Fixes Fights”
11. Presto “Relax”
12. Adventure Time “Whetting Whistles” (With Pigeon John & Ellay Khule)
13. Phil Ranelin “Vibes From The Tribe”