Next on F&F Records is Non Profit, the collaboration of label head Cautiverio and Héctor Alvarez (a.k.a TRR), head of LUNACY Insanity Pushers design. 

The EP is the Mexican label’s third release, following outings from Futura X and label head Cautiverio with Astronomer33. ‎Across the five tracks, we can expect pulsating electro, acid, downtempo, and melancholic electro that ends the EP on a softer note. It’s the first collaboration between Cautiverio and TRR. 

F&F Records specialises in electro, EBM, techno, and house music. It searches for the blend between the “powerful beats and the evocative, emotional sounds of the past futures.” 

Data City EP is out now, with clips available below. 


01. Data City A 

02. Selurian 

03. Heurystics 

04. Data City B

05. Dilmun