North London outfit Ivy Lab have today released “Jet Lag,” the second single from their debut album Death Don’t Always Taste Good. The video features dancer Nadine Olmo and was produced by Alex Allaux and Justin Conte.

The North London outfit, originally consisting of Sabre, Stray, and Halogenix, came to prominence around 2012 as a drum & bass act working predominantly for the Critical Music label through which they released their debut single, “Oblique.” The years that followed have seen them propagate a new generation of hip-hop-inspired abstractions housed within the framework of their 20/20 LDN project. The label was unveiled with 2015’s pseudo-mixtape/compilation LP Ivy Lab presents 20/20 Volume.1, and subsequent follow-up EPs have been benchmark moments in forging the halftime/future beats genre—an assortment of actors from across the bass music landscape applying their sonic-heritage to experiments with hip-hop and drum machine electronica.

Now a duo, Sabre (Gove Kidao) and Stray (J. Fogel) will release their debut album proper, titled Death Don’t Always Taste Good. It’s described as their “most consistent body of work they’ve created so far” and “reveals a deeper dimension to Ivy Lab’s sonic palette than we’ve experienced before.” It will be the first music from them since they’ve become a duo.


01. Fortune Teller
02. Ugly Bubble
03. Jet Lag
04. Astral Pirate Theme
05. Cake
06. Vanity Fair
07. A & E
08. Death Don’t Always Taste Good
09. Snack Time
10. Calculate
11. Ozbo
12. Cadillac

Death Don’t Always Taste Good LP will land on May 18, with “Jet Lag” streaming in full above.