Evigt Mörker will present his debut album, Krona, through Northern Electronics

Mörker has previously released two EPs on the Swedish label, but most of his work has come through his own Evigt Mörker imprint. 

With a shuffling atmosphere that’s hard to pin down, the album fixates on the degradation and construction of rhythmic drills with finely rendered parts and patterns. “Spiralling the listener through a set of stormy soundscapes, Krona keeps placing the horizon just ahead, and just out of reach,” the label explains. 

We’re told that the album’s propulsive tracks are settled against a pair of ambient compositions that capture some of the tension from a distance. 

Krona is Northern Electronics’ 64th release, and adds to a busy for year for the label that has already seen albums from Ulwhednar, Anthony Linell, and E-Saggila, among others. 

Artwork by Jonas Rönnberg. 

Krona LP lands September 27, with “Etisk piska” streaming below. 


A1 / 1. Kloten

A2 / 2. Sträng tand

B1 / 3. Fulländad värld 

B2 / 4. Oändlig kedja 

C1 / 5. Erövring, krona 

C2 / 6. Etisk piska

C3 / 7. Utan svaghet 

D1 / 8. Kvävd

D2 / 9. Frihet