Northern Electronics will release the debut album of The Empire Line, a collaborative project comprised of label co-founder Jonas Rönnberg (a.k.a Varg), Posh Isolation’s Christian Stadgaard, performing as Vanity Productions and half of Damien Dubrovnik, together with the hardcore vocals of Isak Hansen.

Rave is described as “a celebration of contemporary rave culture, focused on the everlasting and transcendent as the night slips out past the day.” We’re told that it fuses modern dance music and power electronics with the catharsis of punk rock and that the music ranges from “k-hole anthems to jacking, close-range sessions,” but “bears the traces of the group’s experimental background, ensuring the tension is kept up through the catharsis.”

It follows last year’s debut, Syndicat de la Couture, on Avian.


A1 / 1. iPad Modernity / Powder
A2 / 2. Ø (for Vainio)
A3 / 3. Herrensauna
B1 / 4. Music for Catwalks
B2 / 5. Mirror Ball Fantasies (for Eie)
B3 / 6. Fast Forward (Intet glemt, intet tilgivet)

Rave LP will land on February 19, 2018, with “Fast Forward (Intet glemt, intet tilgivet)” streaming in full below.