E-Saggila (real name Rita Mikhael) will release her new album on Northern Electronics in August, titled My World My Way. 

My World My Way is created out of the Toronto artist’s live works, and so shows a lack of restraint that could only be “forged in the moment,” the label explains. We’re told that it’s well suited for the dancefloor with its high BPMs and storming mechanical rhythms that borrow from gabber, but that its chopped vocal samples and ambient sensibilities mean it’s also a pleasant headphone experience. It follows last year’s E-Saggila album for BANK Records NYC, and previous outings on Opal Tapes and for Canadian DIY label Summer Isle.

Varg and Anthony Linell’s Northern Electronics’ last release came in the shape of Varg’s emotive hardcore Sky City double EPs.

E-Saggila will debut her live set at this years Berlin Atonal. 


A1 / 1. Aziza

A2 / 2. Crimson Liquescence

A3 / 3. Stars Dying in Succession

B1 / 4. Alia ft. Thoom

B2 / 5. Pattern Obligation

B3 / 6. My World My Way

B4 / 7. One Last Midnight ft. Oil Thief

My World My Way LP lands August 2, with “Pattern Obligation” streaming below.