Next week, Carsten Nicolai’s Noton will release Live 2002, a special release featuring an inspired performance at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Newcastle by Ryoji Ikeda, Nicolai’s Alva Noto project, and the late Mika Vainio.

The recording—which is split into 11 movements—represents the only ever concert by the trio and is released as a tribute to the much-loved sonic pioneer Vainio, who, as a friend and artist, directly inspired Nicolai, as he explains: “Mika was not only a friend and collaborator, but also an inspiration for my work as an artist. This is a celebration of his contribution to our work.”

Beautifully minimalistic, the recording builds throughout with understated warmth and subtly through the trio’s sleek sound design, throbbing sub bass, and intricately layered textures. Presenting a perfect fusion of each artist’s respective identities, the recording is a timeless lesson in live electronics from three masters of the craft.

Ahead of the release on January 19, you can stream “Movement 4” in full via the player below, with the release available for pre-order here.

Alva Noto will be playing a solo show at London’s Barbican on March 4—you can find more information on that show here.