Novation has announced the first major update to its Peak synthesizer.

Peak’s firmware 1.2 update adds a number of the most requested features from Peak users, including a huge increase to Peak’s sonic palette with 43 new wavetables; two new freely assignable, non-voice-specific LFOs (bringing the total to four); a Mod Matrix update, with sources and destinations presented on the same page; a four-slot FX Mod Matrix, which lets you route non-voice-specific modulation sources to Peak’s FX parameters; new envelope features, including the addition of a Hold stage (up to 500ms) and the ability to loop between the Attack and Decay stages; the ability to maintain the current positions of all knobs and sliders when the Initialize button is pressed, rather than resetting their parameters to defaults; support for microtuning, allowing 16 Tuning Tables to be edited and saved for recall; and new presets and soundpacks from Patricia Wolf and GForce Software.

The new update is officially available to the public on December 19 .