Novation has announced a new flagship synth, Summit.

The Summit is a two-part 16-voice 61-key polyphonic synthesizer that, according to Novation, is “built on the same innovative foundations as the critically acclaimed Peak” synthesizer—the press release states it’s “like two Peaks in one instrument.” The Summit has dual filters, extended front panel controls, audio input and the same five-octave keyboard introduced with the SL MkIII MIDI controller.

The Summit features the digital New Oxford Oscillator, three of which are employed by every one of its 16 voices. The oscillators are hosted on an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip, which helps generate authentic analog waveforms at incredibly high resolution (24MHz) and facilitates FM and wavetable synthesis. 

The FPGA then feeds into a true stereo analog signal path, comprising dual 12dB/octave filters (switchable between six paired combinations of low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass modes), analog VCAs, and three stages of distortion (pre- and post-filter, and post-VCA). 

The synth also features a range of modulation sources and assignment options, three effects, audio input for routing external sources into those effects (while still using the other multitimbral part as a synth), and an auxiliary output. 

More details and pricing for Summit can be found here.