Dubstep has undergone a resuscitation, and there’s a slew of radical new producers to prove it. XLR8R’s Kid Kameleon gathers tracks from the genre’s latest for the October edition of the XLR8R Podcast DJ Mix Series, providing an hour’s worth of dark, gritty beats and pounding bass. If it’s a comprehensive sampling of the genre you’re after, look no further.

XLR8R Podcast DJ Mix Series


1. Loefah “Rufage” (DMZ)
2. Secret Agent Gel “Apple Sauce” (Dub War)
3. Tapped feat. JME “Skream” (Tempa Dub)
4. Digital Mystikz “Earth A Run Red” (Soul Jazz Dub)
5. Lady Bug “Dem Master” (Dub)
6. Mark One “Slang” (Tectonic )
7. Benga “Comb 60s” (Planet Mu)
8. Rustle “Lava” (dub)
9. Elemental “Stompa” (dub)
10. Demonic 1 “Watch Your Step” (Swaeg)
11. Burial “Versus” (Planet Mu Dub)
12. Kode9 & Spaceape “Curious Feat. Ms. Haptic” (Hyperdub)
13. Wasteland “Engicer” (Transparent)
14. Blackdown “Crackle Blues (Burial Mix)” (Keysound)
15. Wadadda “Love Jah” (Dub)
16. Pinch “Punisher V.I.P.” (Planet Mu)
17. Skynet “Isolate” (Argon)
18. Distance “Cyclops” (Planet Mu)
19. Timeblind “Ontological Ground of Being” (Soot)
20. Monkey Steak “Lighthouse Dub” (Punch Drunk)
21. Revoldub “Trojan” (dub)
22. Gatekeeper “Tomb” (Skull Disco)
23. Appleblim “Fear” (Skull Disco)
24. Reso “Curse Dub” (Pressing Issues Dub)
25. Sileni “Twitchy Drold Leg (Vex’d Remix)” (Offshore)