Photo: Shaun Bloodworth

Independent online music retailer-turned-imprint Bleep has announced a one-off release that pairs Nozinja—the South African artist and recent Warp signee behind Shangaan electro—with R&S affiliate Tessela. Entitled Wa Chacha, the idea for the forthcoming 12″ reportedly came together earlier this year, when the two producers met in a London pub for a pint. A press release goes on to describe that the pair “got on like a house on fire,” exchanging techniques and notes from their respective (and markedly different) approaches to production. Wa Chacha is the result of an impromptu recording session held later that day at Tessela’s studio in East London, and offers two discursive takes on Nozinja’s original single by the same name.

Wa Chacha drops in both 12″ vinyl and digital formats on February 9, and a teaser video and tracklist can be found below.

A. Wa Chacha (Nozinja version)
AA. Wa Chacha (Tessela version)