Project: Mooncircle will release the new album of Nuage.

According to the label, WILD is Nuage’s “most complete musical work, and follows on forom his 2015 Neida EP. It was recorded over the course of an entire year, “including an entire change of season from summer to winter, memories of trips to Mexico, the mountains, and the seaside fade away and are replaced by days at home and in the studio in cold St. Petersburg.” The music, the label continues, ” goes through a very personal development from outgoing moments to parts of personal reflection.”


01. Occur
02. Every PPL
03. Secret Jungle
04. WILD
05. Thunderine
06. In Between
07. Arrival
08. Canvas Feat. Baile
09. Habitat
10. Rivers Reverse Feat. Bop
11. Do You Feat. Belle
12. Catch Light Feat. Olga Maximova
13. Thirst

WILD is scheduled for May 5 release, with “Thunderine” streamable in full below.