Up next on The Jazz Diaries is a four-track release from NYC favorite Cesar Toribio (a.k.a Toribio). 

Toribio grew up playing Dominican percussion instruments and has been a staple DJ in the NYC circuit for the last seven-plus years. His productions fuse his Dominican roots, afro-cuban Latin rhythms, and ’90s hip-hop. 

Capicua follows Toribio’s Gator Boots 12” for Soul Clap. Its name is an expression Dominicans yell as they slam the last domino of a certain hand. “It means you win on both sides of the table no matter which way you look at it,” Toribio explains.”This is my musical way of saying it in a Dominican style. I won on both sides with this record.” 

EP opener “Get Up”  hits you with a nasty dose of p-funk over a bed of live and programmed house rhythms. The record showcases Toribio’s penchant for the funky yet rhythmically inquisitive. This trademark sound permeates the record and continues its way through the acid-tinged “Make Your Mark,” where Byron the Aquarius steps in on remix duties. Toribio rounds off the EP with a cover of “Household” by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. 


A1. Get Up

A2. Meet Your Maker

B1. Make Your Mark (Byron The Aquarius Midnight Dub Mix)

B2. Household

Capicua! EP is out June 14, with “Get Up” streaming below.