Wulffluw XCIV will release his debut album on Nyege Nyege‘s Hakuna Kulala offshoot.

Ngoma Injection is designed to cause serious cerebral and physical damage on dancefloors, the East African label explains. Its earliest sketches date back to the Russian artist’s residency at Nyege Nyege Studios in Kampala, Uganda following the 2019 edition of the label’s annual festival.

Sonically, the album incorporates industrial/EBM techno and synthetized tones with dembow rhythms, kuduro, and gqom to forge layered corporeal music with no geographical borders. Each track is richly textured, we’re told, and surgically produced with agility and fierce finesse. Wulffluw drops several “emotional club bangers,” the label continues, that are intriguing and jittery, marked by unrelenting percussion and enriched with repetitive sonic explosions, haunting vocals, and cyberpunk ambience.

As the first release the label has put out from outside Africa, Ngoma Injection marks a milestone in Hakuna Kulala’s journey.

Artwork is by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha.


01. Kuama
02. Ash Bay
03. ii
04. One54
05. Turberarossa
06. Bara
07. Nyege Digital Immersion
08. Durilla
09. Transmitted Quartal
10. Endelea

Ngoma Injection LP is scheduled for October 30 release. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “Nyege Digital Immersion” below.