Nicolas Jaar will return to his archives for 3LP collection Nymphs, scheduled for December 21 release with R&S Records

The collection brings together music from the EPs Don’t Break My Love (a.k.a Nymphs I), Nymphs II, and Nymphs III, recorded between 2011 and 2015 and released via Jaar’s Other People label. The release also includes standalone tracks “Fight (Nymphs IV),” released on R&S in 2016, and “Took Me Out,” previously shared online as part of Jaar’s Boiler Room set. The Nymphs collection will now be available on vinyl for the first time. 

Artwork comes from David Rudnick. 


01. Don’t Break My Love (Providence, 2011)

02. Why Didn’t You Save Me (Providence, 2011)

03. The Three Sides Of Audrey (NY, 2014)

04. No One Is Looking At U (NY, 2014)

05. Swim (Hvar, 2013)

06. Mistress (NY, 2013)

07. Fight (NY, 2015)

08. Revolver (Providence, 2011)

09. Took Me Out (Providence, 2012)

Nymphs will land on December 21.