UK techno producer Ashley Burchett (a.k.a Ø [Phase]) is set to release a new album via Token records. This will be his second LP for the Belgian imprint, following the release of Frames Of Reference, dating back to 2013.

Token records was initially founded in 2007 by fellow techno DJ Kr!z and has since been the home of artists of the likes of Inigo Kennedy and Ctrls.

The release will be available digitally and as a triple-vinyl pack.

1. Spacialize
2. Orbitron
3. Increment
4. Blind Eye
5. Nep-tune
6. Alone In Time
7. The Maze
8. Remote
9. Mo_del
10. R-Mash
11. Astryx

Alone In Time? will land on Token records October 30, 2015.