A fundraiser for the Oakland Fire tragedy will be held in Berlin on December 16.

The emotional effects of the tragedy at Oakland’s Ghost Ship artist collective have reached far and wide with tremendous amounts of sadness and grief being felt by the international music community.

On Friday, December 16, 2016 from 23:00–6:00, there will be an event at Musik & Frieden, located at Falckensteinstr. 48 in Berlin. It is the venue’s birthday and the name translates to “Music and Peace.”

Participating musicians are Some Ember, Luz, Kenneth Scott, Karl Meier, Jamaica Suk, Giovanni, Doc Sleep, Beaner, Avalon Emerson, Alland Byallo, and Alinka. All sets will be shared by two DJs, playing back-to-back in support of each other.

All proceeds from the event will go to the Bay Area’s Gray Area Foundation for the Arts Oakland Fire Relief Fund with the funds devoted to PTSD/grief counselling (care) and legal defense (resolve).

Cash donations will also be collected at Zum böhmischen Dorf, Sanderstr. 11, where a public memorial gathering will be held Monday, December 12 from 19:00–21:00.